Why content is so important to today’s small business owners growth

Content Marketing can help save your budget

When you’re working with a limited budget but trying to get traffic to your site. Content is everything for a small business owner. It not only provides potential customers with more information. Having great content can sell the product for you. Providing use cases and scenarios that the readers can relate too.

Content Marketing is a great way to save on paid advertisements. Things like paid search and paid social.  They can be more manageable when you combine it with content marketing. While images and video ads are great to catch a person’s eye. When they’re truly interested in a product or service. It’s typically because they’ve done their research and think you’re the best and or most cost-efficient option. Give them a reason to see you as the best option. Provide a reason to want to visit your website. Building your traffic as a small business owner.

Include research resources and information that educates the potential customer. A knowledgeable customer can be your best customer. For more reasons than the revenue they’re bringing in. They can help spread the word and provide that elevator pitch for you. Which is one more way that you can help save your budget. Referrals and word of mouth are leads you didn’t have to pay to get. It’s a matter of living up to your reputation at that point.

Great Content Leads to Brand Awareness for Small Business Owners

There are many ways to try to build up your brand awareness. You can run social media campaigns. Tell potential customers about your company. Familiarize them with your products and or services. However, if they’re not at the right part of the sales process/funnel. It will not always lead to a sale or a consumer educated about what you’re actually offering.

The better your content. The clearer your products and services come across. Not only does the consumer have a reason to remember you. They now have a reason to remember you’re the one that educated them. Becoming an expert in the consumers eyes. Will increase your chances of being able to close the sale.

Search Engines Need Great Content

Consumers aren’t the only ones searching for great content. The search engines want to provide the best content to the people searching for keywords as well. Which makes having great content even more important. You affect and increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.

You’ll get plenty of businesses reaching out to you. Pitching getting you better a ranking on searches. Having great content is a cost-efficient way to tackle that problem yourself. Companies will sell you on getting you on the first page of keywords searched. Great content allows you to compete with companies and competitors with a larger budget and wider reach.

Putting in the time and effort to have great content has its rewards. The same way you want to be able to put your best foot forward. So do the search engines. They need to be able to provide the best content for the keywords being searched. Count on them to base their results on the best fit over larger company. If your goal is to rank higher and build awareness. Great content is a safe and reliable way to do it.

Increase The Traffic to your Website and generate more leads

When you have great content and market it properly. You’ll find the website traffic will go up. People are going to your site to read the article or blog. While on site you have an opportunity to gather information on the visitors. Whether it’s getting the reader to sign up for notifications on new articles being posted or newsletter etc. Which will help you with lead generation

Great content also allows you to find out more about where a consumer is in the sales process. Fill your sales funnel with prospects and turn those leads into business. The leads and readers won’t always come from you.

The better your content and content marketing. The better the chance that some other site or person references your content in their attempt at educating their reader. This is where back links come into play. Back links are links that tie back to your article or blog. They link back into your content. Providing an active link as the source that they’re quoting. Anyone that wants to know more about that specific topic. Can now click on the link and be driven straight to your website and landing page.

Manage Your Content and see better results as a Small Business Owner

Starting and growing your own business can be overwhelming. Taking the time to put a plan in place that will not only allow you to survive but thrive. That’s the difference between companies that start but never quite see their dreams and goals come to fruition.

We’ve discussed the importance of great content for small business owners. Equally,  important is managing your content. Keep it current and in sync with your company message. It’s not a set it and forget it kind of situation. Always make sure that you’re maintaining your relevance and archiving the things that don’t represent where you are in your business and current messaging. The last thing you want to do is lose your credibility by contradicting yourself with your own content.  

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