The wake-up call for Brick & Mortar Businesses to look into web design

Extending your businesses reach with a website

A sad reality is that it takes extreme circumstances to create change. Safe to say the recent pandemic has opened some eyes to those businesses that rely on foot traffic. While some are thriving based on the products that they have on the shelves. Anti-bacterial, hand sanitizers, and staples so that you can self-quarantine yourself to weather the storm. Others are truly being bankrupted by the fear of the daily practices of running errands and going on about your routine. The local store you stop at on your way to work to grab breakfast or you run into to grab something real quick on your morning commute. It is affecting local businesses and their basic need for sales.

While some will say it is what it is and keep the doors open and wait for the people who are obligated to continue their commute and routine of heading into work. Others aren’t quite as fortunate. That happy go, lucky shopper, isn’t quite as happy go lucky. Happenstance isn’t happening. People are heading out with a purpose to get from point A to B. It doesn’t change the need for things it simply changes the definition of what’s convenient. Where convenient was I’ll just pick that up on my way. Has turned into out of the way. Leading to questions about how these mom and pop shops and the small business community can make up for the time and customers lost during this pandemic.

The Web Designers Conundrum of assisting local businesses and small business owners

A topic of conversation among the community is how best to handle this situation. While some are eager to reach out to businesses having the ah-ha moment to offer their web design services at a cost. There are a lot of us that are looking for ways to step in and help these businesses because we honestly can relate to the feast vs famine of relying on need and circumstances.

Discussions around what services can be offered temporarily to help what is no doubt a loss in revenue. Where can we step in and provide aid? It could be creating landing pages to let people know that you’re open and there are still ways of doing business. Adding the convenience back to their products and services. Letting people know what hours you’re working and the precautions you’re taking to protect your customers. Knowing it is a safe environment could be enough to at least allow you some of the foot traffic you were accustomed to receiving.

The catch to working pro-bono and providing your services to help stem the tide is what happens after. Have you de-valued your service or endeared yourself to the local community. There are just some of the thoughts and conversations going on. Looking for ways to help without damaging your own business.

The Aftermath of A Crisis is Change and Evolution for Small Business Owners and Local Businesses

It is one thing to get blindsided and have to make do. You take your lumps. Dust yourself off and figure out what was the takeaway and lesson in it. One of the takeaways is going to be that businesses that felt like they didn’t need a website or online presence. Be it a website or social media accounts are going to be looking at things a little differently.

As things begin to get back to normal and you start to exchange stories on where you are with things and how you managed. The follow up to that conversation is going to be seeing who was better prepared and resourceful in a time of crisis. Leaving some to say I’ll take the necessary steps to make sure they have processes and backup plans in place for all sorts of scenarios.

Goals and focuses will change and people will venture out into new territory. Looking for ways to make up for lost time and revenue. Others simply taking steps to safeguard their businesses. While they see others struggle to continue the business because the overheard has them in over their head in bills. Which affects products and services, pricing and so many other aspects of a business.

What now? Web design and creating your online presence as a local and small business owner

This is a time for evaluation and refining if not fulling redefining your approach to your business solutions. As scary as the concept of having a website and online presence may have been. They’ll be business owners that decide to expand their horizons. Extend their reach to customers online and outside of their local area. Look beyond paying a premium to be in a high traffic area. Diverting some of those funds into creating their high traffic area online themselves.

The important thing to remember in this situation is the takeaway. When you go through a crisis. Everything happens for a reason. That wake-up call may just be your saving grace. In the longterm. Perspective is opportunity and opportunity is a gateway to results.

Food for thought for small business owners looking to establish their online presence with a website.

Take this time to think about what’s next and how best to ensure that your business will survive and thrive. You’ve heard time and time again that a website is an investment in your business. If you come out of this with the mindset of making a change. Be sure to invest wisely with opportunities and people that are willing to work with you on not just where you are now but where you want to be in the days to come.

Look into the benefits of having a website as a small business. Have open and honest conversations with your peers on web design or small businesses. Look into more ways to keep your head above water as a small business owner & how to reset your business goals going forward. Do your research and put together a plan and a pace that works for you and your business. You’ve already invested so much of your time and effort into your business. Take the necessary steps to ensure that it was and will remain worth it.