Sorting through sales pitches as a small business owner

Small business owners starting online

One thing that you learn quickly is that from the moment you decide to start your business online. You’ll have no shortage of people trying to sell you something as a small business owner. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or startup trying to establish yourself.

Advertising can be overwhelming. It can also be straight forward. The better that you understand your business and goals. The easier it becomes to sort through the sales calls. Which you will learn quickly is necessary.

Your goal isn’t to blow off all the calls. It should be to sort through which opportunities are actually beneficial. While identifying which ones are just trying to hit a quota. Especially when trying to decide whether you need their services or not.

This is marketing as a small business owner. Understanding the digital marketing space and the best way to advertise.

Where you are now vs. where you’d like to be as a startup online

There are things to consider and to get straight on your end so that you can help yourself and save time. Small business owners and startups should identify their business model and goals. Be clear on the stage of their business they’re currently in vs. where they want it to go.

It is important not to get ahead of yourself or be sold on getting ahead of goals that are attainable. Crawl, walk, run is the standard rule of thumb. Don’t over extend yourself without having the knowledge of who you’re trying to reach.

You will receive calls selling pie in the sky and options that may sound great. But is that where you are in your business right now? Asking honest questions and providing honest answers is the difference between money well spent and re-branding…

Re-branding as in you started out with one message and realized it’s not relating to your target audience. Which can actually become necessary if you don’t think strategically about what’s currently best for your business.Set attainable goals that actually work on growing your business and branding

Questions to answer before venturing into advertising and marketing campaigns

Business goals for digital advertising

Here are some questions that you’ll want to be able to answer for your business and goals. Before moving forward with paying for advertising and marketing campaigns.

  • Who is your audience? Who are you trying to reach by advertising?
  • Are these confirmed buyers of your products and or services?

Tracking via analytics and reporting goes a long way in answering these questions. Google Analytics is a staple for most small businesses in the know.

The other option is to have a service helping you with your analytics and reporting.

A lot of businesses go after who they’d like as customers instead of who may end up actually being customers. It’s important to know the difference.

  • Have you been tracking or can you track who visits your site? Are you looking at understanding what they do while on it? Independently from the product/service that you are currently offering website visitors.

It’s about more than clicks and visits. There are other key items to monitor and track to identify what’s working and for which type of visitor.

  • Do you have a way of gathering the information of the people you have sold to in order to re-engage that customer?

These are important questions to be able to answer as a small business and or startup. While looking to establish your business online. Especially when considering your advertising needs. Take the time to get it right and you’ll see great results.

The goal of advertising & marketing should be to learn something about your customer. In addition to your products/services that you didn’t already know.

If you can do that the sales will come. You will make the necessary adjustments to increase your sales and grow as a business.

Our goal is to help you go from entrepreneur to a startup to a small business and beyond. Majority Media will continue to provide helpful tips and insights that will help small to midsize business owners. We want to help grow their business.

Stay tuned for more articles and let us know if you have any questions by leaving comments. We’ll follow up with a response and help where we can.

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