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The importance of Social Media can not be overstated. While there are the obvious advantages of seeking an increase in sales. The opportunity to tell your story and share your expertise is where you can see the biggest difference. 

It is an opportunity to convey your offering and let people know more about your business. The goal should be to relate to your potential customer(s). The more people relate the more engagement you will see with your post.

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One of the questions that come up often with clients. How often do I need to post to see an increase in sales and relevancy? While it should be viewed as case by case and industry by industry. One thing lost on businesses is that this is about building brand recognition & brand identity.

Mainly businesses have a simple goal. They want to learn more about my ideal customers so that I can serve them better. Taking the information and analytics that they learn and applying feedback to their products and business practices. It can be a win, win for all involved.

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