Building and establishing website traffic isn’t as simple creating your site. ‘If you build it they will come’. 


Who are they? Where are they? What brought them to your site? How can you retain this visitor? Which product/service best suits their needs? When do they need it? 


So much of SEO & SEM answers these questions for you. It allows you setup your website to attract the people that you want as visitors & customers. 


Identifying your audience and learning the important factors and facets about them. Knowing how to find them and what content to put in front of them. In order to get them to give your business a chance and get them to visit your site.

Learn How to Identify Your Target Audience

When you started your business you were looking to provide a product or service to fill a need. It’s not just about getting customers and subscribers. It’s about the getting the right audience. The ones that can help your business grow. 

Learn How To Monetize Your Website. Make The Most Of Your Space

As a publisher you have several ways that you can generate income and monetize your website. Great content doesn’t just attract readers and subscribers. Make the most of your space by knowing what you can actually do with it. Understanding what your audience is okay with seeing as advertising ads.



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