There are so many people who have their blogs and enjoy posting to their social media accounts. Oddly enough their just as popular if not more as the people they follow. 


Monetizing your blog/vlog is a way of supplementing your income. Taking something that you enjoy doing and turning it into revenue. 


There’s a wide range of bloggers & vloggers out there. You just have to select the niche that works best for you. The key is consistent content and finding your target audience. 


Taking your blog to the next level and building up your followers to the influencer level. That is a goal for many bloggers/vloggers. Taking things from the idea stage and turning it into a fan base. That is what separates hobbyist from entrepreneurs. 



Content is the difference

If you’re someone that posts picture after picture and your followers love it. There’s an opportunity there to become an influencer. Influencing the followers interest in products & services. Your audience goes to you for your pics so branch out and build your brand.  

Informative Bloggers

There is an audience for all sorts of genres. Reviews happens to be one of the largest. It starts with trust. Once your subscribers relate to you and look to you for your option/posts. They’re more likely to take your reviews to heart. 

Vloggers & Video Tutorials

Build your subscribers and audience with instructional videos and reviews. Commercials are great but there’s nothing like seeing the product used by an actual person. Someone you can reach out to with questions. Build your brand and monetize your channel. Track your analytics to see what’s resonating. Script your video content around it and benefit from increasing engagement. 

 Identify Your Target Audience. You can’t build a brand presence without knowing who your target audience is and why


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