Reporting Services

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Reporting Services

Stay up to date with your stats

Majority Media

Tools that help you keep track & make the right decisions 

Trying to keep track of your reporting can be a full time job. Majority Media is here to help. We can help you keep track of reporting & analytics for a variety of accounts.

Social Media Accounts

Keep track of your growth and campaigns for your social media accounts. Whether you’re running campaigns or trying to grow your account into influencer status. 

Woo Commerce Reporting

The capability to track conversions and revenues.

Attribute them to the initial engagement. Take it a step further with the capability to track

conversions & revenues beyond the scope of your own site .

Website Reporting

Knowing and understanding your website traffic is crucial for publishers today. Learn more about your subscribers and visitors so that you can monetize your site more effectively.  

SEO Reporting

We can provide unique reports and data. Showing clients how

effective their marketing efforts are. Reporting clients also have access to advanced keyword

clustering and text analysis. Tools to level up an SEO strategy.



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