Let’s Talk Advertising Strategy For Small Businesses

Brand expectations of digital advertising

Let’s talk about what you’re actually paying for when advertising. The unspoken truth that comes up after you’ve fell down the rabbit hole.  Once you start advertising.

When paying for advertising more than not, you’re paying to get them to your  front door. After that the onus to close that sale is on the business. Can you comfortably say that you’ve gotten your monies worth of each of the leads whether you close or not. 

You’ve set your advertising strategy. Now what?

Here are few questions that you will want to be able to answer when you’ve invested in advertising.

Advertising campaigns for branding:

  • Where are your ads displayed?
    • ​​​​​​​Important to know because it sets the tone for how they remember you. You don’t want to pay for branding and have negative thoughts attached to your ads. Being placed next to the wrong article or situation can be the kiss of death.
  • How many times are your ads displayed to the same person?
    • If you’re being advertised on the same website. Frequency matters. Yes, you want to be memorable but not for the wrong reasons.
    • Having a frequency cap for how many times your ad is displayed to the same person in a day is an important stat to track. Especially, with display ads. Text and link ads as well but the visuals have a shelf life.

Advertising campaign for securing clicks:

  • Where does that click bringing the visitor?
    • Is it exactly what they were looking for when they clicked or do, they still have to search for it?
  • They clicked now what?
    • When paying for advertising clicks. It is important to think of the now what.
  • Is there a way to gather that visitor’s information?
    • In case you don’t close the sale on that visit. You paid for that visitor be sure to have some call to action in place. In order to see a return on that investment.
  • Is your business setup to handle the traffic that you’re being sold?
    • It is not a good look to advertise and not being able to deliver on the product. Be mindful of your stock and or availability when advertising.

Here’s one that most people don’t get around to honestly thinking about until after they’ve already been running and are tracking their campaign.

  • Did you set advertising strategy goals for yourself or did the sales person?

This is what we call guilty but not responsible.  They may be guilty of selling you on a goal that works for them and not your business. You’re paying so you’re ultimately responsible.

Which is why setting realistic attainable goals that work for your business are important. You can set short term and long-term goals for your small business.

Just remember that you can only stretch your budget and the dollar but so far. Which why you need pick goals that give you a return on your investment.

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