Keeping your head above water as a small business owner

Getting a sale is great. Can you say with any certainty that you will be able to offer them your services again? If the answers yes than you’re well on your way to a successful business. Far too many put a concentration on landing new customers. Not enough on retaining the ones they’ve paid to find…

Customer Retention goals for a small business owner

Food for thought. It’s a lot cheaper and efficient to reach out to an existing customer.  Than it is to find a new one. Especially if they original customer is a happy one. This is the long vs short money conversation that you have to have as a small business owner. .

Revenue Goals of a small business owner

Long money is a happy customer. One that not only wants to come back but is open to providing a testimonial to help you secure new business. Whether it be via a referral or by providing kind words that allow people considering your small business. Here is an article on 7 ways to get customer testimonials.

Short money is getting them in and out the door. Only to see your sales spike and then dip again. You can’t run a successful business without being able to forecast sales. There’s slow times and down times in most startups and small businesses. Don’t be the owner creating them for yourself. Put the time and effort into a happy customer. You stand a chance of steadying the tide. Majority Media can help you with monitoring and creating brand loyalty. People that refer other potential customers to your small business and startup. Majority Media has services that can or helping with brand loyalty. Click here for more information

Asking the right questions as a small business owner

Here are a few questions you want to be able to answer post sale of your products and or services.

Did I deliver on what was promised in the sales process? If you did great. If you did not what did you do to correct that issue?

Did you discover any other needs the client may have? Things that your business could fill while servicing the client. This is an opportunity to not only upsell. But an opportunity  to evaluate your product suite as a small business owner. Maybe there’s something you could add. Something to compliment what you’re already offering. Example: Why sell the toy but not the batteries that go in them?

Do you have a way to follow back up with the customer? Even if it’s a check in to ensure the product is still being enjoyed or a thank you note. You want to make the last memory a good one and continue that on when possible

There are many ways to build out a sustainable small business. None are as relevant and reliable as building your business on a solid foundation of quality service and retention.

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