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Digital Marketing Strategy can make or break your business. Applying the learnings you've picked up your ideal customers. Turning one into many is the difference between getting by and thriving

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What Goes Into Marketing Strategy?

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There are 2 main questions when it comes to marketing. What product and or service to feature? Who are you specifically trying to reach? 

Having the answer to those questions is a good starting point for putting together your Marketing Strategy.  

A focus on identifying your ideal customer and then finding more of that customer is a good path to longevity.

Marketing Strategies should include not just looking at how to win a new customer. A focus should also be on keeping the business that you've won. 


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Social Media Management

Learn who your core audience is and how to customize your content to secure customer loyalty.

Put your revenue behind finding the right audience. 

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What Goes Into Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy

When deciding on Marketing Strategy. It is important to decide on what you'll be promoting and which platform.

Your Marketing Strategy approach should vary depending on the platform. Each has its strengths and use cases.  Play to the strengths to get the best results.

The follow-up question inevitably that follows is cost and how to set a budget. While you do need to build your brand. You also need to be able to see a return on your investment. Work to paying out of profit instead of out of pocket.


What Our Clients Have to Say...

I truly appreciate the work I’ve been able to get done with Majority Media. They helped me take the guesswork out of formulating the company's media strategy and execution. The strategies were well thought out and got results. We need to see more companies putting time in to develop & help black businesses. It’s a win, win for all of us and relationships that we continue to build.

Monica W,  Signature Rehearsal

The ability to translate from advertising jargon to something everyday people can understand is priceless. Majority Media doesn’t just run campaigns, they ensure that you’re learning throughout the process. They look to educate you, share insights, work with you as a partner. Majority Media is highly recommended for marketing campaign management.

Pearl C, Contently

We started from absolute scratch. Wireframes, product placements and descriptions on the site, building content that was engaging but straightforward enough for the “brass tacks” consumer. I am filled with gratitude for the counsel and professional service I have received and I will seek Majority Media for any digital endeavors I have now or in the future.

Darian W, Will Ward

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an easier way of getting people the information. It’s easier to connect with an audience because you’re not competing for their attention.

Lead Generation

Increase the sales for your business by adding to the number of potential customers. Sell your products/services to a larger audience.