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Quality Finishes Painting


Brand Building & Strategy

“The Agency of Record Services”


Sean Atkinson
Keith Logan


Web Design

Creative Process

Discovery Meeting & Strategy Sessions Brainstorming Ideas On Branding The Business. What Path The Business Will Take In Establishing Itself

Identifying the business story, the why and what makes the company different.

Then building a business plan and strategy around the brand messaging. Establishing a solid business foundation to build on to grow. 

Time Management

How can we free up the business owners’ time to focus on sales? When your why is for your family. Building a legacy takes time but it doesn’t have to take your away from your family


As a new company establishing your reputation and credibility is key. Identify the best path to building up your name & reputation in the local market. Providing resources for people to be able to do their research on the business.

Market Research

Identifying competitors in the market. Setting a baseline for where to set the bar and the best practices to reach it. The goal wasn’t to beat them out to start. It’s to be part of the conversation.

The Story

Identifying the best way to articulate your mission statement & company goals. Telling the story in a way that resonates with the business’s target audience. Making sure it’s being conveyed through all outlets. Representing the business when it can’t speak for itself online.


Relaying that it is an investment to narrow down the target audience. Confirming that part of the investment is in professional painters and an LLC business. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Certifications and paperwork in order to work on a variety of projects. One with as much to lose as they have to gain.

Promoting the theme of “Quality” in work and customer support. Clearly stating what set the business apart service wise. Quality Finishes prides itself on turning the project around quickly without compromising on the quality of the work.

Showing this through the imagery of the advertising and portfolio that is shared during the estimates. The proposals that are shared with the quotes. All part of the service that’s being provided. Building confidence in the investment being made by selecting Quality Finishes Painting.

Fast & Efficient

Reliable Investment


Quality work and customer service

Point Of Contact

The point of contact for companies soliciting their products and services. Allowing the business owner to focus on the work. Review opportunities and present what aligns with the current and future goals.

Brand Strategy

As the business evolves so does the business strategy and messaging. Helped Quality Finishes Painting secure it’s MBE certification for the city and state. Opening the door for bidding on larger projects to keep the team working.

Tools, Apps & Resources

Implementing tools and resources to where you are in your business. Aligned with the business strategy in place to ensure that goals are being met. We are constantly adding to our product suite to accommodate the needs of our clients.

Majority Media grows businesses by implementing and establishing a solid foundation they can build on.

A story in Research

Quality Finishes Painting makes a statement in the local market. Worked with QF on becoming more competitive. Winning more projects against more established businesses in the local market. The goal was to find an edge and what they could market to set themselves apart. What is the differentiator that can close a deal?

We researched who the larger competitors were in the local market and their selling points. Quickly learned that they were relying on advertising and marketing campaigns. The price quotes for projects were high and the results were not always great.

Once the thread was found it was a matter of pulling at it to find the source of the problem. They were not relying on top tier painters to complete the projects. Looking at the reviews we were able to target key issues that could be used as selling points for Quality Finishes. This is what was incorporated into the companies mission statement and messaging. In advertising as well as during estimates.



The Numbers

The client moved out of their initial launch phase of taking on any and every job to quality projects that move the needle. Transitioning away from volume to qualified leads. Turning them into quality projects and reoccurring revenue for the business

Increasing their conversion rate and cutting down on the estimates and conversations we call cups of coffee. The better that you know your target audience and ideal clients. The higher your conversion rate will go. While freeing up your time to work on other aspects of your business.


  • Conversion Rate – 80%
  • Returning customers – 77%
  • Client Referrals – 85%

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