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Spiritual water

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Business Strategy & Web Design


Sean Atkinson


Business Strategy
Web Design

Creative Process

Discovery Meeting & Strategy Sessions Brainstorming Ideas On How Best To Monetize The Website

Identifying why the book was written and what makes the book worth reading.

Then building a business plan and strategy around the brand messaging. Creating a website to promote the book and increase sales.

Talking through the promotion of any other books or offerings by the author’s

Time Management

When being an author isn’t your only job. The need to have the freedom to focus on other things is necessary. Our goal was to allow the authors to work and still drive in sales.

Audience Building

Creating a way to build up an audience and keep them up to date with the books being released. Using the website to promote book signings and opportunities for book clubs.

Marketing Budget

Maximizing the marketing budget set aside to promote the book. Instead of relying solely on the publisher creating a way to promote the book and track sales.

The Story

Presenting a way to tell the author’s story and experience. Providing insights and answering frequently asked questions. Allowing the author’s to connect with their audience.

Business Strategy
Web Design

Building and implementing a strategy that allows for building awareness of the book for sale Providing leverage to renegotiate sales percentage and marketing budget spend

Analytics showing book sales coming from the website so that these sales come in with a higher percentage going to the authors. Showing that the marketing budget set aside can be saved and passed back to the author because they are generating sales and promoting the book through their own website.

Using the strategy to negotiate promotion of their other books previously released through a different publisher to get a larger percentage of the sales revenue. Creating a website that opens the door to promote their other books as well as other authors and sharing in the sales profit. Newsletter and blog opportunities to keep their audience engaged.

Generate revenue via book sales

Reliable Investment of marketing budget


Audience building and engagement

Audience Building & Engagement

Building up the audience through marketing efforts that resonate with the readers so that have an email list to reach out to for a book release.

Brand Strategy

As the business evolves so does the business strategy and messaging. Creating a business strategy that allows the author’s ability to negotiate higher percentages from book sales going forward.

User-Friendly Platform

Selecting a website platform that is user friendly so that the owners are able to make updates to the website themselves safely without having the technical coding and design knowledge needed for web design.

Majority Media grows businesses by implementing and establishing a solid foundation they can build on.

A story in Research

When contacted about the project it was through a third party that wanted to find a web designer and agency that could walk the author’s through the process. As they weren’t sure what they were going to need.

We held a discovery call to discuss the current and future goals in mind. Looking beyond what was needed for the website to promote the book. Taking a look at what was needed on a larger scale as author’s and business owners.

The discovery call provided the information necessary to put together a business strategy that would allow the clients to pay out of profits instead of their pockets. By diverting the marketing budget the publisher had set aside to promote the book. In addition to allowing the clients to renegotiate a higher percentage of sale revenue from the book sales. By having analytics to share with the publisher and tracking who was sent via the website created. Now they’re able to apply the same strategy for previously released books and future publications.



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