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Case Studies are provided as a way to see if we can provide a similar service for you. If the work and the accomplishments resonate with you. Let’s set up a consultation and see if we are a good fit to partner on your project.


June 1st, 2018
Agency formed


Web Design
Brand Development
Agency Services

Agency Services is designed for the business owners that don’t have the bandwidth for the administrative portions of the business. Majority Media represents you on vetting products and services, implements tools that help to automate the process. Our goal is to free you up to focus on the work.
Quality Finishes Painting is our first case study listed. The services selected were customized to suit the business owners’ needs. A focus was put on Brand Development and Strategy. Breaking things down into phases so it was more manageable.
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Spiritual Water For The Arid Soul is a case study on Business Strategy and Web Design. The client was in need of a website to promote a book that was going to be released. We held a strategy session to help divert the marketing budget into the site so that they could re-negotiate the percentage on book sales. Based on how many people came from the website being created.
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