Building your business goals as a small business owner

Choosing the right advertising company

If you’re a small business owner or startup who knows very little about advertising and marketing campaigns. Then you will be leaning on external sources to help you. You will need help to reach your goal of growing your business.  Business owners need to be able identify who has your best interest at heart.

A couple of things to consider

The ability to differentiate who is about the sale vs. seeing you successful.

​​​​​​​This is an overlooked goal in most business strategies. It will be the difference between making money and losing money. Your goal is to establish yourself in the market and grow your business.

The follow up to that would be.

Are the products or services being pitched by the salesperson going to address your immediate goals or long-term goals?

Immediate goals being branding. Identifying the right traffic over paying for any traffic to our website. Not all traffic is considered equal. 

Meeting & exceeding your strategic goals

It can be a daunting task. Most will experience brands will tell you that It can be hit or miss. When guessing on who to partner with on marketing campaigns and advertising strategy.

In addition to being something that requires a rotation of products and services along the way. Not everything will work the same way forever.

Especially depending on the industry you’re looking to advertise in. This is where a sound marketing strategy comes into play.

Do, I look for them or will they find me?

You may be searching for someone yourself. More than not you’ll get a call with someone trying to sell you on the next great thing.

Sales pitches on how they’re going to help save or grow your business. I say “save” because some have the knock you down.  In order to lift you up approach to selling. Highlighting perceived short comings of your business approach to marketing. Along with why they’re here to save the day. They need to give you the “why” to show a need for their services. The “need” has to be provided in order to get to the “how much”.

Having a clear set of goals for advertising. Applying those goals to your marketing strategy. It can change everything. You’ll always here the how they can help.  What you need to be certain of is what you want help with before moving forward. Which ties back to immediate goals vs. overall and long-term goals.

Identifying your marketing campaign goals

Here are some questions that you’ll want to be able to answer. Preferably before you take those calls for advertising. Same if not similar questions that you’ll want to answer. When setting up your marketing strategy and campaign.

A campaign goal to make people aware of your products or services? That’s branding your business… Getting your name out there so that people are more familiar with your products and services. They have to know that you exist in order to become a customer.

Is the goal to have people come to your website, or store? Perhaps both… That’s going to mean you’re tracking clicks. From search engines to your site. Paying for those visitors and hoping to see a return on that investment (ROI).

Do you want to pay only for the people that actually buy your products or services? That is paying per conversion. The price point is higher but effective. Think of it as giving a cut of the profits of a sale.

Learning and Understanding the difference between these 3 basic types of advertising campaigns. Is what will allow you to set clear goals. It will allow you to begin to put together a marketing strategy.

If you’re looking to do a deep dive into all the different types of marketing strategies out there. You can easily do a search for more information. Here is a link to an article on 52 types of marketing strategies as an example.

However, if you’re looking for sales yesterday or the first day of your campaign. You probably have not set realistic goals for your business and your advertising campaign is setup to fail. Set realistic attainable goals with next steps for what to do once they’re met or what to do if they’re not achieved.

The reality is in most cases they can get the customer to your site but they can’t make them purchase. Which is why paying per conversion can be expensive. You’re paying for sales and sharing the profit of that sale.

Growing and maintaining a successful business is more than just throwing money out there with hopes that it brings you sales. In situations where you simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to learn. It’s important to work with an agency that will take on that part of the business for you and keep your business going in the right direction.

Majority Media is set on providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with the insights and knowledge necessary to help you get started. We will continue to post helpful tips and insights in our blog. In addition to passing along the customized feedback to our clients. We want to see you grow and achieve success. The best way to do that is to learn about your core customers and how your products and services are received.

A clear marketing strategy will allow you to be more realistic on the results attained. While running your marketing and advertising strategy. You can answer and evaluate the company and service on the results and not the sales pitch provided.

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