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Let's be honest. If you're not inventing something that nobody has done before. There's going to be competitors. The importance of prospective clients recognizing and relating to your brand can not be overstated.

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What Goes Into Brand Development?

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As a business owner, there's a heavy concentration put on building  & establishing your business.  You're putting in the work and making the investment into your future. We know all the work that goes into growing it.

It can be easy to forget that branding starts with filling a need. Understanding who your customer is and how you're here to be able to solve a problem and or provide a service

Your Brand development starts and ends with making sure that your potential customer can relate to you. Your Brand is their wants and needs. Your brand is how you going about addressing those wants and needs.   

Once you've identified who is your ideal customer(s). Now, what??? You've identified who you want to work with. How do you ensure they feel the same? 

Tell your story! This is where you convey lead up to you addressing the void. What made you want to help those ideal customers? 

What is your solution? Why should they select you? What is your journey? What are your qualifications/expertise? What brought you to this moment where they're deciding whether or not to be your customer?

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Brand Identity

Let's take a deeper dive into how to build the Brand Identity of your business


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Testimonials to The Rescue


Testimonials & reviews are a great way of letting people know you're a trusted brand. Clients speaking to your expertise and service can go a long way in securing sales.

The next obvious question. How do I secure testimonials as a new business? Product trials can be a really good way of familiarizing people with your company. In addition discounts on services can also attract potential customers. Satisfied customers lead to more interested buyers.


What our Clients Have to say...

Very happy to be working with Majority Media. I was familiar with their services but working with Sean has been a pleasant surprise. He takes the time to find out your goals. Not just now but down the line and looks to put you in a position to get there. Where others look to keep you beholden and reliant. Majority Media looks to educate clients on the process.

Sara D, Event Planning

Working with Sean has been great. He has gone above and beyond my expectations taking a genuine interest in the success of my business. He even made suggestions to address needs that weren’t even on my radar! I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Majority Media on other projects.



Sloan T, Certified Chic

There are people that are only out to get paid. Majority Media legitimately wants to see people succeed. Just as happy as I am to see me succeed. How often can you say that? Teaching me how to read reporting and providing insights that help me grow my business. I’m so happy with the choice of partnering with Sean and Majority Media. I highly recommend Majority Media.

Sherry G, EyePomm

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Fast Tracking with Testimonials

There are few things in business as motivating as word of mouth and testimonials. Let's take a closer look at securing reviews and testimonials for your business.

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Let's Get Down To Business

Building your WordPress website has never been easier with Majority Media. Choose from templates and customize to your needs.

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