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Website Audits. If you need checkups for your health so does your website

By admin | June 21, 2020

How can a website audit generate as much revenue as your best salesperson? That’s not just something written to catch your eye. It’s true and I can prove it. Give me 10 minutes of your time reading this article and I’ll by the time you’re done. If you don’t agree. You’ll at least agree to disagree.

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Don’t just build a website. Build your Brand Identity during this Pandemic

By admin | April 17, 2020

Discussion on building a website and establishing your brand identity during the COVID19 pandemic. Putting together a strategy for lead generation.

The wake-up call for Brick & Mortar Businesses to look into web design

The wake-up call for Brick & Mortar Businesses to look into web design

By admin | March 14, 2020

Extending your businesses reach with a website A sad reality is that it takes extreme circumstances to create change. Safe to say the recent pandemic has opened some eyes to those businesses that rely on foot traffic. While some are thriving based on the products that they have on the shelves. Anti-bacterial, hand sanitizers, and […]

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Starting Your Business On A Budget

By admin | August 18, 2019

Starting A Business On A Budget Obstacles and Misconceptions One of the obstacles that I hear most from people who want to start their business is their budget. The mind automatically goes to “how much is it going to set me back?” “Can I afford it?” The concept alone sounds expensive and daunting. Enough to […]

Let’s Talk Web Design for Small Businesses

By admin | June 3, 2019

Where to start with Web Design & where does it end? The web design journey can start from a variety places. Depending on your business. There will be things to consider. Like what platform to build it on. What kind of website to build? So much more to decide on for your business, and website.  We look […]

Why content is so important to today’s small business owners growth

By admin | May 21, 2019

Content Marketing can help save your budget When you’re working with a limited budget but trying to get traffic to your site. Content is everything for a small business owner. It not only provides potential customers with more information. Having great content can sell the product for you. Providing use cases and scenarios that the […]

Keeping your head above water as a small business owner

By admin | May 3, 2019

Getting a sale is great. Can you say with any certainty that you will be able to offer them your services again? If the answers yes than you’re well on your way to a successful business. Far too many put a concentration on landing new customers. Not enough on retaining the ones they’ve paid to […]

Let’s Talk Advertising Strategy For Small Businesses

By admin | April 22, 2019

Brand expectations of digital advertising Let’s talk about what you’re actually paying for when advertising. The unspoken truth that comes up after you’ve fell down the rabbit hole.  Once you start advertising. When paying for advertising more than not, you’re paying to get them to your  front door. After that the onus to close that […]

Building your business goals as a small business owner

By admin | April 22, 2019

Having a clear set of goals for advertising. Applying those goals to your marketing strategy. It can change everything. You’ll always here the how they can help. What you need to be certain of is what you want help with before moving forward. Which ties back to immediate goals vs. overall and long-term goals.

Sorting through sales pitches as a small business owner

By admin | April 22, 2019

You will receive calls selling pie in the sky and options that may sound great. But is that where you are in your business right now? Asking honest questions and providing honest answers is the difference between money well spent and re-branding…

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