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Majority Media is a digital agency that specializes in establishing & growing small to mid-size businesses. We do that by educating our clients throughout the process. Applying business strategies and best practices based on your goals.

We understand that your business is evolving and so will your needs. Our goal is to work with clients throughout their journey providing help along the way.




Work with you on your idea and business plan. Find out your business goals and what steps you’ve taken to get there thus far.

Brand Identity

Helping entrepreneurs and business owners build brand recognition. Establishing their brand and digital footprint in their industry.

Web Development

Website Audits to identify what’s working and what’s not with their current website. Providing reporting and feedback on a proper solution.

Business Strategy

Applying strategy and purpose to business ideas and plans. Putting plans and procedures in place to help business owners succeed in their field.

Web Design

Designing websites for business owners to extend their reach beyond the local market. Legitimize their business efforts & provide information.

Digital Marketing

Marketing your business digitally. Helping to establish the business via marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Providing a business strategy and plan along with the tools and resources to put it into action.

Majority Media

20+ yrs experience in the advertising & marketing industry. The time was spent working with brands, marketing & advertising agencies, exchanges, and on the publisher side of the industry. Building up and applying an understanding of how best to customize business strategies to meet and exceed clients’ goals.

An entrepreneur, mentor, and motivational speaker. Owner of The Daily Grind Podcast.

Sean Atkinson

Sean Atkinson


Majority Media

We specialize in working with businesses within the products and services industry. Whether you’re in home services like a painter or flooring or a boutique selling clothes or books as an author. Our focus is on building your brand and establishing your business by telling your story to your target audience. 

YOu’re one step away from changing everything!

Tell us a bit about your project so that we can set up a discovery call.

The better we understand your needs & goals the better we can assist you.

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