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Never mind hearing about it. If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or small business owner alike. You’ve faced the feeling of David vs. Goliath. The larger companies armed with the tools and resources to outbid and outlast you as a business just starting out. In some industries, the “David” in this situation could be another mom & pop shop that simply has more established. So you get that foot in the door but they’ve got the testimonials and use cases. They’re more polished in their sales pitch.

As a young company, we understand the questions. How does a young company get established and grow? How do you break past that 3yr to 5yr window of struggle that people talk about? How do you develop consistency and move past the feast & famine phase of starting a business? 

The goal of Majority Media is to help even the scales. There are parts of growing the business that can eat away at the time that you have to take care of equally if not higher priorities. We are to help free up your time to put the attention on the day to day and growing your business. 


Our focus is on providing resources that will help you compete and build your foundation. The thing that steady’s you in that 3yr to 5yr window. Let’s you know it may not be easy but it just got easier.

We provide the pieces to the puzzle that will help you establish your presence online. Web Design Services to help people find you online. Brand Development to help make your brand more recognizable. By helping you put together a plan to promote and market your business. Social Media Campaign Management designed to allow you to focus on work and we can keep your accounts posting new content. Creative Services can build business ads and promotions to post on your social media accounts. Digital images and video ads to select from for your marketing campaign.

Majority Media was created to help businesses through the process on a whole or in parts. We base our services on your needs. Identify where you are in the process through a discovery call. Where we walk through your company goals and the current strategy, you’re using to get there. Who your core audience is and your dream client/customer.



Magazine and Newspaper

Digital Publications


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Sean Atkinson

CEO, Majority Media LLC
20+yrs in the advertising & marketing industry. An entrepreneur, mentor, and motivational speaker. Owner of The Daily Grind Podcast.


Marketing Research



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We're Here To Help You Succeed

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Establishing Your Business Online with A Website

Web Design

The purpose of a website is to provide the "why" to why you and your business vs. the options out there. What separates you from your competition.

It goes beyond the mindset of if you build it they will come... You must provide a reason for their visit and a solution to their needs.

Once you provide a reason and a solution. You can begin to tell your story and what sets you apart. What makes you an authority and someone that they should do business with as a customer.


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Brand Development

Let's be honest. If you're not inventing something that nobody has done before. There's going to be competitors. The importance of prospective clients recognizing and relating to your brand can not be overstated.

Your Brand is your currency. The strategy that you put in place to build your brand is equally as important and the products and or services that you're offering. There are some brands that people recognize by name and others by their products.

The importance of brand development and brand identity cannot be overlooked. There should be a high concentration on it. It's hard to gain longevity without credibility and an identity people can relate too.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy can make or break your business. Applying the learnings you've picked up about your company's ideal customers. Turning one into many is the difference between getting by and thriving. 

The goal is to identify who your target audience is and how best to reach them. Marketing campaigns are a necessity for business development.

Video Listing

Real Estate Listings

Let us help you close those listings. We're in a visual age. Videos are proven to attract viewers at a much higher rate. Our Real Estate Listing VidoeDivision is here to help you close your listings.

Google Business Listings

Eye-catching digital videos, we can interest in your business profile and traffic to your websites. Helping you to move and close the gap between views and clicks to your site.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

I hired Sean to manage my online presence and button up my company's look online. I couldn't be happier with his service. In a short amount of time, I was seeing quicker response times for potential clients and I was able to close a lot more business. He is very easy to work with and is very good at bringing the visions you have for your business to life. Needless to say, Majority Media will be my go-to for everything Media and Marketing wise.

Keith L, Quality Finishes Painting

Majority Media has been amazing. I needed help with my social marketing needs. It can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of posts and content. Not only have they taken the work off of my plate with posting. They’re helping with content and advertising my services on their ad network to help drive traffic to my accounts. I swear it’s like they have a solution for all the marketing concerns that I had leading up to working with them and then some.

Sherry G, Eyepomm

Love what Majority Media is doing with small business owners. As someone that’s worked in the advertising industry 10+yrs, I know that the knowledge being shared is reserved for top tier companies. They’ve set out to be able to provide those same insights to companies trying to establish themselves. Highly recommend Majority Media to small businesses looking to establish and or grow their brand online.


Mike S, Confiant

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Social Media Management

Put your focus on the day to day of your business and leave the Social Media to us. Our Social Media Management services are designed to help you build your brand. While freeing up your time to focus on sales and growth.

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Website Services

Website design and development. Building and helping to maintain a website that suits your business needs. 

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