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Brand Building

Are you a startup or smaller business looking to build your brand awareness? We can help with collaborations & partnerships.

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Media Services

Media Services Include web design, campaign management, as well as advertising & marketing services for small businesses.

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About Us
Never mind hearing about it. If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or small business owner alike. You’ve faced the feeling of David vs. Goliath. The larger companies armed with the tools and resources to outbid and outlast you as a business just starting out. In some industries, the “David” in this situation could be another mom & pop shop that simply has more established. So you get that foot in the door but they’ve got the testimonials and use cases. They’re more polished in their sales pitch.

As a young company, we understand the questions. How does a young company get established and grow? How do you break past that 3yr to 5yr window of struggle that people talk about?

The goal of Majority Media is to help even the scales. There are parts of growing the business that can eat away at the time that you have to take care of equally if not higher priorities. Our focus is on providing resources that will help you compete and build your foundation. The thing that steady’s you in that 3yr to 5yr window. Let’s you know it may not be easy but it just got easier.



We provide the pieces to the puzzle that will help you establish your presence online. Web Design Services to help people find you online. Brand Development to help make your brand more recognizable. By helping you put together a plan to promote and market your business. Social Media Campaign Management designed to allow you to focus on work and we can keep your accounts posting new content. Creative Services can build business ads and promotions to post on your social media accounts. Digital images and video ads to select from for your marketing campaign.

Majority Media was created to help businesses through the process on a whole or in parts. We base our services on your needs. Identify where you are in the process through a discovery call. Where we walk through your company goals and current paths, you’re taking to get there. Who your core audience is and your dream client/customer?


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Video Listing

Real Estate Listings

Let us help you close those listings. We're in a visual age. Videos are proven to attract viewers at a much higher rate. Our Real Estate Listing VidoeDivision is here to help you close your listings.

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Google Business Listings

Eye-catching digital videos, we can interest in your business profile and traffic to your websites. Helping you to move and close the gap between views and clicks to your site.

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Keith L

Quality Finishes Painting

My experience with Majority Media was top notch. Sean delivered on the timelines we agreed upon and took my business to another level. I will definitely recommend him for everything media wise, from websites to full on marketing campaigns.


Identify Your Target Audience

Learn who your core audience is and how to customize your content to secure customer loyalty. Put your revenue behind finding the right audience at the right time for sales.


Let's Get Down To Business

Website design and development. Building and designing a website that suits your businesses needs. 


Majority Media

If you're looking to get started or grow out your business. We specialize in helping smaller businesses and publishers.

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