Sorting through sales pitches as a small business owner

Small business owners starting online One thing that you learn quickly is that from the moment you decide to start your business online. You’ll have no shortage of people trying to sell you something as a small business owner. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or startup trying to establish yourself. Advertising can be overwhelming. It can also be straight forward. The

Building your business goals as a small business owner

Choosing the right advertising company If you’re a small business owner or startup who knows very little about advertising and marketing campaigns. Then you will be leaning on external sources to help you. You will need help to reach your goal of growing your business.  Business owners need to be able identify who has your best interest at heart. A

Let’s Talk Advertising Strategy For Small Businesses

Brand expectations of digital advertising Let’s talk about what you’re actually paying for when advertising. The unspoken truth that comes up after you’ve fell down the rabbit hole.  Once you start advertising. When paying for advertising more than not, you’re paying to get them to your  front door. After that the onus to close that sale is on the business.
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